Youth and Family Ministries

We are excited to welcome the children back to Sunday School at 10am.  The focus on our lessons and activities will be that God sent Jesus into the world to bring peace to all people and all nations. Christians from around the world prepare to celebrate the birth of God's Son.

Safety for both the children and volunteer teachers is our greatest priority.  Re-opening measures regarding the most current COVID regulations have been carefully implemented including the installation of HEPA filters in rooms, occupied by the children, to reduce the risk of aerosol transmission of COVID-19.

At First Presbyterian Church, we are committed to helping children develop a strong faith and connection to the church, through a variety of programs and activities.  Our purpose is to lead the younger generation in a way that will help them become leaders and examples of Christ's love to others. All our programs and activities are guided by the Presbyterian Church of Canada's Leading with Care mandate.

All children are welcome to all programs and activities.