At First Presbyterian Church, we are committed to creating experiences for children of all ages to learn about Christ's love and the wonders of our awesome God.  

Weekly Programs allow for children and youth to grow friendships and create a connection to the church.    Our weekly programs include two youth groups to serve children from grade 4 until they graduate high school, as well as a story program - Treasure Time for Tots - for young children from birth until they begin school.

Special activities are fun, one of a kind activities that appeal to families and chidren of all ages and take place sporatically through the year, often linking to a special event or season.   Some of these special interest activities will be for the whole family, and some will be targeted as drop off programs for chidlren.  

There are also great opportunities for weekly programs and special events for those who are interested in music and drama through our vibrant Music Ministry

All children and youth who wish to participate in programs at First Presbyterian Church need to register using the Children and Youth registration form.  This form collects important information to help run programs and keep your children safe.  This form is accessed through a pop up on the right side of this webpage.

Hit start to complete one form per child.