The Green Team

The First Pres Environmental Committee was established in order to bring Green initiatives and education to the Congregation and Community. The Environmental Committee meets generally on the third Tuesday of each month at 1:00pm with the main attendees being Karen Salcedo, Binnie Armstrong, Judy Milley, Barb Stransky, Brian Lucas, Carolyn Campbell-Sheen and Millie Mirrlees. All are welcome to attend our meetings.  

Some of the initiatives from the group have been the Spring and Fall 10th Line roadside cleanup, weekly environmental tips in the bulletin; and a suggestion box in the meeting center for congregational tips. 

Gratefully we accepted donations of recycle bins and compost bins which meant we could add to the building, making those habits easier on everyone who uses the First Presbyterian Building. We have had signs made up for the kitchen to help direct people to proper recycling and garbage habits.

There will be an Electronics recycling day on April 21st and we will be collecting Electronics as a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity.

For people who are looking for more information about recycling and organic waste, please click here.