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 Meet Our New Elders   The Session is pleased to announce that following the recent congregational election of elders, the following six persons have accepted the invitation of Session to be members of Session. The required "Edict of ordination/admission of elders" is posted below.   The Service of Ordination and Admission will be held during worship on Sunday June 4th at 10.00am, when the Lord's Supper will also be celebrated.  

Jonathan Brown Mark Doble Angela Girdwood Jansje Lawrenson Brian McMillan. Ron Monette  

They will join the continuing elders.   Heather Cavill Bev Kennedy Denman Lawrenson Melissa Tisdale-Mills Ed Prichard Frank Tilley.  

Edict of Ordination (Book of Forms A-11)   Whereas Jonathan Brown, Mark Doble, Angela Girdwood, Jansje Lawrenson, Brian McMillian and Ron Monette, members of this church, have been duly elected to the eldership by this congregation, and have been approved by the session, notice is hereby given that the session will proceed to admit them to this office on Sunday June 4th, 2023 at 10.00am unless some valid objection has been given to the Interim-Moderator within ten days from this date.   Collingwood, Ontario. 23 May 2023 Rev. Dr. Neal Mathers. Interim Moderator/Acting Clerk of Session. 

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