VBC: Camping Adventure

We are so excited to gather in person for VBC this year!   While we are running an in-person camp, the structure, size and day will look somewhat different from the large camp that we have grown used to.  We are excited and confident that this year's camp opportunity will be meaninful to campers and leaders alike.

This year our theme is "Camping Adventure" and we will spend the week experiencing Camping while at camp, along with music, games and other fun activities that teach the Love of God to kids in fun and interactive ways.



Registration Age:

Finished Jr. Kindergarten through until Finished Grade 6.  

Date and Time:

Tuesday, August 3 - Friday, August 6

Drop off between 8:50 and 8:55

Pick up between 11:20 and 11:30

Registration Information

Registration will be limited to 60 campers this year.

Campers will be divided into 3 Cohorts, which will be subdivided into 2 Groups.

Families will be able to request that their children participate in the same cohort.  If a family does not specifiy that they would like their children to be in the same cohort, the children might or might not end up together.  

This year, because of the many considerations for COVID-19 policies, and cohorting, we will not be able to accommodate "Friend Requests" to match friends together who are not part of the same family.

Every family must complete a COVID-19 Screen online before droppig their children off each morning.