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This is such an incredible time of year. Actually, I would say a miraculous time of year. Very soon there will be apple blossoms and asparagus. The peonies will be out, and lilocks will be everywhere again, embracing us with a perfume that has to be pretty close to what heaven smells like.  The brown and faded fields suddenly becomes green again, like Dorothy walking into the emerald city for the first time.    

And, what it all is, is the fulfilling of a promise. Because, three months ago, someone said “remember, the frozen doesn’t last forever. I know, it seems like it will never end, but the deadness is just temporary.” And now, the promise has come true. Everything has been reborn.   

The bible asks us to see the springtime as a symbol of new hope, new possibilities, and new growth. There is a potential in each one of us that we couldn’t have ever dreamed up for ourselves. Isaiah said that no mind can conceive of what God has prepared. For all things are possible for God.          

So, here’s the question. Is there something new you need in your life? Is there something that you need to have restored, or reborn? What faded field in your life needs to become green again? What dead thing needs to come alive again?

Do you ever think, I’ve been walking a certain road, for years, and I just need to walk a new road. Bible says “see any miracles outside today? What will God do for you?”  

Another question, just as important.  What new life can you bring to someone? How can you be a spring rain to someone’s faded field? What mission, what ministry, could you be involved in that will in a very hands on way bring help and hope and new life to people? Here at First Pres, and in Collingwood, and around the world? 

When it comes to new life, Jesus gives us this wonderful twist.  He said “I leave you with the power of the Holy Spirit, who will always be with you. The Spirit will give you the very same power that I had: to heal, to forgive, to teach, and to work miracles.”   

Let’s leave it this way: How can we do what we say we believe?

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