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 Some of you will remember the musical “Godspell” from 1973. It was released in the same year as “Jesus Christ Superstar”. Whereas the latter was a rock musical, Godspell was more hippy and folksy. Whereas “Superstar” was focused on the final week of Jesus life, “Godspell” focussed on what he taught.   

 Both musicals were faith formative for me, as they were for many young people of my generation, because Christianity was being presented in a form that we could identify with. Many of the songs from those musicals are deeply rooted in my memory. I have seen both performed in live theatre several times, and I’ve lost count of how often I’ve watched the film versions. 

 My favourite song from “Godspell” is “Day by Day” which I later found out was based on an old prayer by Richard of Chichester, an English bishop who lived from 1198-1253. You may know the prayer I am referring too, which included the line:  

May we know you more clearly, love you more dearly, and follow you more nearly, day by day.  

My library is full of books of prayers that I have collected over the years, and recently as I re-read Richard of Chichester’s prayer, I began to think about three things I might pray for. I wrote this prayer in response to my pondering. There are three stanzas of three things to pray for. I invite you to think about the three things you might pray for in your life.  

Three things I need, Lord. Three things I pray for. To speak less, and to listen more. To procrastinate less, and to act more. To trust myself less, and to trust you more. Amen.  

Three things I need, Lord. Three things I pray for. To doubt less, and to have faith more. To despair less, and to hope more. To hate less, and to love more. Amen.  

Three things I need, Lord. Three things I pray for. To live in holiness. To die to sin. To be led by your Spirit. Amen.

© Neal Mathers    


NorahM 8 months ago

Thank you for clarifying the 2 musicals. I will have to watch them again and learn to play them on the piano. Thanks

BRIAN A MCMILLAN 8 months ago

There are many songs written today that are faith based and offer hope. May the music written and sang today, connect this generation closer to the Lord. Thanks Neal.

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