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Since February 22nd we have been in the season of Lent, which is a period of 40 days during which Christians remember the events leading up to Good Friday and Easter Sunday. On Easter, of course, we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, whose life and teachings are the foundation of our Christian faith.

The final week of Lent is an emotional roller coaster - from the excitement of Palm Sunday, the poignant Last Supper on Maundy Thursday, through the agony of Good Friday, the silence of Holy Saturday, and to the joy of Easter Day. Quite rightly it has been called “The week that changed the world”. Certainly it is a week that has changed us.

But it raises questions. Many people, both within and outside the Christian faith, wonder why we can call the day of crucifixion “Good” as in “Good Friday.” Those who study the use of language believe the word “good” in this context actually comes from an old word meaning “holy”. So properly, it is “Holy Friday”. As the apostle Paul declared “God was in Christ on the cross reconciling the world to himself.” That is good news for us. That is surely a holy moment.

We all have our “Good Friday” days when darkness and despair seem to have the upper hand, but there are holy elements even in those days for Christ can redeem any situation when we remember that we share in the victory of Easter morning and the glorious news that “He is risen!” Here is a prayer that speaks to all this. I invite you to pray it and make it your own.

In our darkest hours,
Creator God,
be our Light.

In deepest despair,
Compassionate God,
be our Hope.

In our confusion,
Wise God,
be our Strength.

In our need,
Shepherd God,
be our Provider.

In our struggles,
All Knowing God,
be our Peace.
In our sinful rebellion,
Merciful God
be our Saviour.

In our death,
Risen Lord,
Be our Life. Amen.

© Neal Mathers

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