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Greetings and Love to all,

Our leadership have talked about the importance of keeping connected in these times. “Unprecedented times” is the phrase we’ve been hearing a lot of.  Obviously over the coming weeks we’ll be connecting to you through email and social media more than we ever have. Yesterday you received a note on behalf of Catherine Brown and Julia Sheffield regarding ways they will keep their ministries happening.  The leadership team here cares deeply about all of you and want you to know we are here for you throughout this time. We also know that you care for each other in the same way. You too are looking for ways you can be the Love of Jesus to each other and the community that surrounds you. As the days go by we will be communicating regularly with you with ideas around how we can make this happen together.     

Below is a link to a message I gave recently that I hope you will find helpful. It’s about friendship. Oftentimes when we lose the things we thought were most important, we realize what really is most important. We also remember that Jesus calls us friends. In trying times, it’s mind blowing to know that the divine presence in this world looks at us as friends. As friends are there for each other, so is God here for us in everything we do.   Because Kimberley and I aren’t here on Sunday, I will send a link to a message of mine on the power of prayer.  Actually, my plan is to post the whole 5 part series over the course of the next few weeks. We will send you a link via email, and it will also be on our website and Facebook page. We hope that you will find some comfort and direction in these messages.  

We look forward to live-streaming services beginning March 29th. These will include some music, prayer, and a message.  We will confirm a time for this next week.   I’m also excited to send you the link below. These are webinars prepared by the Presbyterian Church in Canada. They are simply seminars that you can watch on-line. They will deal with very specific issues relating to COVID-19. I know you’ll find them very helpful. On Monday is “Fear and Justice in a Time of Pandemic.” Other subjects include “Justice and Self-Care in a Time of Pandemic”, and “Justice and Vulnerability in a Time of Pandemic”.      

As we look toward the days ahead, let’s believe together that something good, or even magnificent, will come out of the discomfort that many are feeling now. It’s a tenet of our faith isn’t it? God’s hands are on everything we do, molding us and the events that surround us into something beautiful.  God’s word to us is always “Behold, I am making something new.” We know that God is never the source of disease but rather the Presence that can bring healing and new life into it.   I see this already. There is a solidarity that the whole world shares now. People who were fighting before have laid their weapons down. Political dissension has morphed into a bipartisanship we haven’t seen in ages.  Europeans, in the midst of lockdowns, sing to each other from their balconies and rooftops.  Something good is in the works. This is what we believe as Christ followers. Always.   In the meantime, in this great Spirit of hope, let’s do our best to care for those who are suffering through this transition. Let’s do what Jesus did as his new kingdom was being ushered in. After all, it’s the sharing of this love that makes us his body. Together and forever more.  

In his love Tim