Marlene Weatherall
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THE KNITTING PILGRIM is a one-act play performed by fibre artist/actor Kirk Dunn, and tells the story of his 15-year artistic and spiritual journey knitting Stitched Glass: three large tapestries, designed in the style of stained glass windows, exploring the commonalities and conflicts of the Abrahamic faiths. Kirk sought out Jewish, Christian, and Muslim consultants to help him research the project and, more personally, to learn about the opinions and experiences of others. “The hope behind The Knitting Pilgrim has always been to create conversation,” says Dunn. “A conversation between all people - believers and non-believers - who find themselves in conflict. How can we understand and empathize with each other? Everyone has a unique background, point of view, and experience, and at the same time, many experiences are universal. Focusing on what knits us together, not what pulls us apart, is a place to start.” The journey is a story you’ll want to experience – there is no other project like it in the world.

Tickets $20 and available Sunday August 28