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It is an honour for me to share one of the highlights of my week. 

Attached is a photo of our oldest church member, Janet Carlson. She turned 100 years old in February. This picture was taken by a professional photographer and will hang in the front hall of Sunset Manor, where Janet resides. Janet does not have a computer. Because I cannot visit her at this time, I called her on the phone. She was so happy to hear my voice. Janet reassured me that she had been through many challenges in her life, and that this virus would pass. Then she told me a joke and I laughed until my sides hurt. She said if I called again next week, she'd have another one for me!!! That's faith. That's hope.  


  • TIM HORTON"S for donating cards for take-out orders a
  • GUARDIAN ANGEL who delivered soup and flowers to church members
  • 6 CALLERS who phoned over 80 people to touch base
  • 2 "MAIL CARRIERS" who delivered Easter letters door-to-door a DRIVER who volunteered to take someone to an appointment in Owen Sound  the
  • PASTORAL CARE TEAM, 40 strong, who continue to show their care and concern in a variety of ways.        

PRAYERS FOR: those returning from International travel, in self-isolation those in hospital, nursing and retirement homes front-line nurses/doctors and essential service workers those who are anxious, depressed, afraid, and worried about income        

Do you need Help?  Contact me at 705-445-6941 or

Love in Christ, Catherine Brown

Director of Pastoral Care